Last Day of November!! | NaBloPoMo Day 30


Day 30 of 30 consecutive blogging days! I made it 🙂

Today’s post is coming to you from my iPhone as I’m currently celebrating my third year of NaBloPoMo in Berlin with my best friend. After morning of traveling, and an afternoon of sight seeing we are both ravenous and ready for an evening at Alexanderplatz Christmas Market! Bring on the glühwein!!

Well done to everyone who completed NaBloPoMo or NaNoWriMo this November! We did it 🙂



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Day 4 – 7 | 100 Happy Days Take Two! | NaBloPoMo Day 28

2015-11-24 21.50.02

Day 4. Tuesday November 24th.

Everyone meet Frank. Frank meet everyone. Frank is a new addition to my desk at work. He arrived in a flurry the week before as a ‘sorry-I’m-leaving-don’t-miss-me-too-much’ gift from one of my colleagues on her last day of work. Once everyone devoured his delicious insides, I claimed Frank as my own, and he is now my desk buddy and personal confidant. As I was sipping my coffee Tuesday morning at approximately 8am, I suddenly realised that I was having a full-blown, one-sided conversation with Frank – my inanimate penguin!! Chatting to a pretend penguin is okay right? It’s when he starts answering back that I’ll really need to check my mental state!

2015-11-25 19.49.16

Day 5. Wednesday November 25th.

You know it’s officially Christmas when you get an advent calendar! This particular one is thanks to a lovely human being who surprised me with an everything-free one – a playful present  & inside joke in response to the fact that I’m usually quite healthy in my day-to-day life! Can’t wait for Tuesday to finally be able to start eating the chocolate opening the doors and counting down till Christmas!

2015-11-26 18.28.51

Day 6. Thursday November 26th.

After work I went to a talk in the University College of Cork on the Letters of 1916 project. For those of you who aren’t Irish, 1916 was the year the Easter Rising took place in Ireland. Over 6 days, Irish republicans fought for their independence and to end British rule. April 2016 will mark one hundred years since this historic event. The Letters of 1916 project asks for people to help transcribe letters that were sent in Ireland during that time, to give us a more widespread overview of what life was like at that time. It brings a more social and humanistic appeal to an otherwise very heavy, violent, and serious historic event. As a letter writer myself, I adored the talk, and if you want to have a read of what Irish life was like one hundred years ago I urge you to check out the project website Did you know that there were 6 postal services a day in Dublin back than? You could send a letter in the morning to arrange lunch with someone and get a reply before noon! Letters of 1916 is a crowdsourced project so try your hand out at transcribing a letter if you can decipher the scrawl!!

2015-11-27 15.05.10

Day 7. Friday November 27th.

This happy moment is pretty self-explanatory – DESSERT! But to give you a quick backstory. I asked my colleague if she wanted to share a kit-kat with me. She was humming and hawing for a bit and finally said ‘no, I’m sorry I don’t share’, and handed me money for a second chocolate bar! I left the office in hunt of the vending machine when at that very moment one of the managers carried two beautiful desserts right over to me as a Friday treat!! Surprise dessert is the best kind of dessert!!

Did anyone else notice the common theme of food in every happy moment for the last 4 days? What can I say, I’m a simple woman to please. Coffee and sweet treats make me happy!



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