NaBloPoMo.. Something a Little Different

My goodness.. this obtaining a masters degree lark is seriously getting in the way with my life. For those of you who have been plaguing me with texts, emails and the spoken word insisting I write another post or feel your wrath (yes those exact words were written in a lovely message by one of my nearest and dearests!). The wait is over… and to top it off, I have decided to partake in NaBloPoMo aka National Blog Post Month.


That’s right, I’m shall be (attempting) to post every day for the month of November. As the eternal busy bee, I am always looking for a side project on top of the million other things I have going on right now. Not only is my thesis due in 3 weeks, but I have assignments for other modules due and I’m in the middle of an online computer science course. As Mother Teresa once said, “never be so busy as to not think of others”. There will be no more complaining that I am not keeping you guys updated on my life. 30 days worth of posts are coming your way! That’s more than I have written since I started this blog in January.  Game on!

2013-10-26 20.42.09

I first heard of NaBloPoMo when I stumbled across Vonnie’s blog. So in order to kick things off, I’m going to use her helpful prompt for day 1: Share with us something we may not already know about you. 

Something not so secret is that I have a love of the stage, theatre, plays and musicals. However, most people will not know that I absolutely adore ballet, although I haven’t studied it since I was 9 (I was more of a tap kinda girl!) The dancing, the music, the story.. I am transported to a different world. If you play me any piece from the Nutcracker, I will tell you exactly what tableau (scene) it corresponds to. If you’re lucky I will do my 6 year old self proud with tendus & dégagés to Danse des Mirlitons! I also listen to Tchaikovsky while I am studying…. or writing a blog for that matter. Now playing: Swan Lake’s La Sortie Des Invites Et La Valse 🙂

Another little known fact is that I have had a huge interest/borderline obsession with Anne Frank since first reading her diary at age 7. I have read it every year since. Now that I am living in the Netherlands, I finally have the opportunity to visit the Secret Annexe but I’m under strict orders not to go without my mum 😛 Until she finally comes to visit me, the Anne Frank Statue in Neude in the centre of Utrecht keeps me happy!

2013-10-26 01.25.27-1

 If you’re partaking in NaBloPoMo, or know someone who is, leave a comment below. It’s exciting finding new blogs to read and interesting people to follow. Day one down. Only 29 to go!

Tot morgen,



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17 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo.. Something a Little Different

  1. Loved this! Thanks for joining in, I’m looking forward to reading more. (I’m also in the midst of degree hell hahaaaaaaa. That was my demented laugh.)

  2. i didn’t know there is this thing called national blog post month! cool! i’m doing my 77 days challenge, i.e., till the year end and so far i’m enjoying it. let’s keep it up!

    • Wow… I’m hoping I make 30 days, well done on aiming for 77! That takes some dedication. It’s really rewarding though so far isn’t it? I’m going to try and keep going as much as I can after NaBloPoMo!

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